Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spooky Fun at St. Mary's

This week was our halloween theme at St. Mary's. Many of the students were very excited to tell us what they were going to be for halloween. The kids were most excited when our old pal Blaze showed us to say hi and play games! Our group was assigned the main gym and we played Zany Zoo with our students. We used different scary animals like snakes and sharks to use as examples for our different movement patterns that we were looking at for the day. The students seemed to really enjoy the game and got very invloved with what we asked them to do. We did notice, however, that some of the students struggled with a few of the different critical elements that are important in order to properly perform these movements. Some of the students needed work with their arms when doing the horizontal jump in order to propel themselves forward. After a fun day of playing games inside and outside we came inside to finish off the day with a fun song that was very fitting for the theme of the day. We learned to do some dance moves to the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. In fact I think some of the students ended up teaching us some dance moves by the time we were done. All and all though today was alot of fun and a great learning environment for the students.

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  1. It is good when you start realizing how much fun it is to work with kids and how rewarding it may be. Great job with planning the activities. It was well executed.