Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clowning Around

We had a circus theme this week at St. Mary's. Many of the students thought that it was funny to see college students dressed like clowns. We began the day downstairs and soon went outside. I found that having the clown hair on made me an instant target for a fierce game of tag. When we came back inside we went to the gymnasium to set up our game. I told the students about the game that we were going to be playing was the "popcorn game"(renamed from messy back yard) because everyone loves some popcorn at the circus! I chose to play this game because we were supposed to be looking at the students ability to throw and catch. In this game the students must throw the balls over a matt that is standing up. There are two groups and the group that has the least amount of balls at the end of the song wins. I felt like the students really enjoyed this game and got very excited. They got so excited we had to remind them that they could catch the ball instead of just letting it fall to the ground. Most of the students really did a pretty good job of throwing and stepping into the throw while following through. We ended our day at lab by having everyone come together to play with the parachutte. I felt like we did a good job of providing a circus type atmosphere for the kids and I think they really enjoyed themselves today.

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  1. One thing that caught my eye was the kids grabbing at your clown wig. Don't be afraid to let the kids know that it is not okay for them to grab your wig and tear it out. Great props for the circus lab.