Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Superhero's are real!

Today in Lab it was a Superhero theme. My group was with the pre-k students for this lab. We started out going outside on the small playground. I played tag with many of the students who were really having a good time. We played variations of tag and had the students hop and gallop. We noticed that some of the students struggled with these locomotor movements because of their age. The biggest mistake was that many of the students were hoping with two feet, or jumping. After we played outside we came inside and set up our game "Heroes and Villians" which we renamed after "Sharks and Minos." We had the students run first while playing the game first, then we had them hop, and last we had them gallop. I found that many of the students in this age group are at the initial stage of these locomotor movements. Some students even at the pre-k age were already quite a bit better at these movements than some of the other students were. In this week's lab i felt that the students got really into the activities because of the superhero theme. The best quote I heard of the day was a student who said, "Wow I never knew that Superman and Batman were actually real." It is this kind of excitment that helps to show how fun and educational physical education can be and that excites me!

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  1. Great cape, the kids seemed to love it! Also, Great job at taking the initiative of your group and explaining the games. It's amazing how much fun you realize it was to be a kid:).