Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks!

Today was our thanksgiving lab at St. Mary's. We were originally assigned to work on cleaning the equipment rooms but they did not need it so we had to assist other groups with working on their activities. While helping one group they were playing a tag game that had a twist to it which had the students dribbling in order to stay safe from being tagged. As I observed a few students dribbling I noticed that they had a few of the correct critical elements but were also making some mistakes. I helped one student realise that he needed to use his finger pads. First he was dribbling with a flat palm, then after I told him to use his finger pads he used his finger tips so I showed his the difference between finger tips and finger pads. During the students free time I played soccer with a few of them and was the goalie while I had them practice shooting so that they could work on their kicking skills as well. It was also our groups turn to conclude lab with a song and a dance. We decided to play the song Cotton Eyed Joe and to teach the students how to work on the dance. I think everybody looked like they were having a good time with the song. Going along with the theme of lab we ended the day by having all the students yell TURKEYYYY!!!!!

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  1. A great lab, good job being flexible with what you were doing. Everyone loves thanksgiving. Great job incorporating a dance at the end of the lab.