Sunday, October 11, 2009

SUNY Cortland Mini Conference



“Windows of opportunity don’t come often.” This is what the main idea of Dr. Judy Rink’s opening session at the Mini conference was last Friday. As I sat there I waited for her to begin speaking thinking that she would soon be telling us about how we as Physical Educators had to work hard to become professionals. However, I was not aware of just how hard we as a profession must work in order to change our culture and the way people view it. Dr. Rink explained that for what seems like the first time ever people seem to be in agreement of what Physical Education should be. Physical Education should have the goal to educate people for a physically active lifestyle. However, we as a profession have obstacles that may interfere with this idea. As physical educators we must be able to bring the school to the community and also bring the community to the school. In other words we must provide means to get our students to stay physically active after they leave school. It also means that we must bring community groups and organizations into the school to show that we are working with them to help keep our community healthier and more physically educated. As physical educators we also must understand how movement is a great medium for learning and we must have active intramural programs and after school programs that give students more opportunities to explore a healthy lifestyle. I came away from Dr. Rink’s speech feeling that there was quite a bit of pressure on each of us if we are to change the way people feel about Physical Education. However, I look at it as a challenge that I can help make a difference in the lives of our future youth. After all, like Dr. Rink said, windows of opportunity don’t happen often and it is up to us to make the most of our chance to improve our youth and help Professionalize our wonderful field.

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