Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lab #1

Today was our first official Lab. I was fortunate enough to work with different age groups. I came in hoping that I could really get down on the same level as the kids and engage with them to find out what kinds of things that they like. First I was able to join some students who were playing a game of checkers. I got to know two students Mike and Liam. They seemed very excited that "the college kids" were going to watch and help them play. We then followed that same group upstairs to the gym and played Flytrap, and blob tag. I found that the younger kids did a pretty good job but that their fine motor skills were definately not as advanced as the older kids. To finish out the day I went over to a group of 5th grade girls and played four square with them. I was impressed as they made many of their own rules and showed much improvement in the fine motor skills that the students who were just three years younger than them did not possess yet. I really enjoyed getting hands on with the kids and hope to continue this and build on it getting to know more students as the semester progresses.


  1. Great video and reflection Tim. Way to go.

  2. It is interesting how each time you play the same game with the same students there are always different rules. Great job on your first lab.